Dangerous Power Fusion Products

Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
Gun Model: Fusion (F7 and F8)
Delrin Dangerous Power Fusion (F7 and F8) Triggers

These have been in the works and on and off the shelf for a long time, I'm pleased to finally make them available to the public.

I offer a trigger with little to no side play, the hole for the pin is drilled just right, and play can be eliminated by correctly tightening the pin so the frame gently squeezes closer to the trigger so it doesn't have any room to wobble while still letting it swing free and easily.

  • Delrin construction, super lightweight
  • Excellent polished finish
  • Compatible with stock and microswitch boards
  • Radiused, no sharp edges where you'll be putting your precious shooting fingers
  • Colors are black or white, white can be dyed with laundry dyes such as RIT
  • Adjustable magnet return, every trigger comes with two color coded magnets, one on the trigger, one in the frame, if you adjust the setscrew one way or the other it changes the strength of the return
  • Spring return can also be used by itself, or in conjunction with the magnetic return
  • Adjustability, I have found the stock trigger doesn't utilize the frame adjustment system very well, my improved triggers do, and it is easier to adjust and achieve a precise, crisp pull.
  • Breakage Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Special Edition Delrin Dangerous Power Fusion (F7 and F8) Triggers

Same great trigger as the one above, just with holes to reduce weight and give your gun an exotic touch. I've used a trigger like this on a dm5 for years and years, everyone that plays with it loves it. I offer the same breakage warranty for the SE as I do every other trigger.