Dangerous Power G3 Products

Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
Gun Model: G3
Products: Triggers
Dangerous Power G3 Triggers

If you are tired of your dead feeling stock G3 trigger with a mile of side play, and uncomfortably hard pull, these are the triggers for you.

  • CNC machined
  • High strength delrin construction
  • Dual, press fit ball bearings
  • Press fit precision reamed brass bolt bushing
  • Color options are black or white
  • Fully radiused, polished and inspected
  • Triggers feature the same adjustments as stock (2 points)
  • Minimal side play
  • Magnet return or spring return
  • Adjustable contact point when used with a microswitch board (APE)
  • Installation instructions included
  • Comes with 2 magnets and all set screws needed
  • Large amounts of finger space for walking or raking (I use 3-4 fingers with no problem.)
  • Compatible with optical boards and microswitch boards
  • Breakage Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee