Invert Mini Products

Manufacturer: Invert
Gun Model: Mini
More Invert Mini products are coming, including grip panels and accent parts.
Invert Mini Triggers

So you can't get your pull as short as you like it because you have a foot of side play in your stock trigger? It's time to eliminate that side play with a new and drastically improved trigger. Then you can get that pull very short without any nasty bounce.

  • 3 point adjustable
  • CNC machined
  • High quality delrin construction
  • Dual, press fit ball bearings for a crisp, precise pull without any side play
  • All edges are radiused, hand polished and inspected for a smooth, perfect finish
  • Magnetically returned, spring return optional
  • Includes 2 magnets, and all set screws needed
  • All three styles come in black or white
  • Breakage Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Invert Mini Snatch Grips
  • Delrin construction
  • 1/2" wide for strength, comfort and functionality
  • balances the gun perfectly when a tank and hopper are attached for easy carrying
  • Fully radiused
  • All radii and faces are finely polished and inspected (no sharp edges!)
  • Includes a special longer screw for installation
  • Fits flush and tight with the gripframe (no gaps!)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed