Roughneck Feednecks

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As many of you have found out, the prophecy's feedneck has had its fair amount of issues. After experiencing a broken feedneck, on a couple of occasions, I have come up with a solution for this problem. By producing a replacement feedneck insert out of aluminum, instead of plastic, it has proven itself to make the feedneck not only stronger, but more consistent. They have been tested for weeks now, and the result has made me decide to release it to the masses. It not only made the feedneck stronger, but made the feeding more consistent while using the prophecy on an Invert Mini, a Bob Long Vice, and a Bob Long Victory. It even stood up to a teammate diving badly into a bunker, resulting in the Invert Mini's feedneck breaking, but not the prophecy's.

Please note that although this makes the feedneck stronger, it does not guarantee against cracks or breakage due to extreme impact. The seller only guarantees the product from defects and damage, but will not guarantee the prophecy shells.

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